Back in the Days

remember way back in the days
when women had to marry all the gays?
and some men just want other guys?
but were forced to live with all the lies?
and kept their secrets from the wives!

we’ve come so far and we suffered for so long
closed our eyes, closed our ears and pretended there’s nothing wrong…

good bye to you imaginary friend
you've always stood by me until the end!
but it’s time for me to take my stand
brave the future, embrace the unplanned
and for you to let go of my hand

we can dance we can sing if that's all we want to do
be myself be yourself i do i and you do you.

we can’t deny that time evolves
but we must ask what our fight resolves?
what are we fighting for if not for love?
a little nudge a little push then comes a shove
a human touch without the gloves

we shake hands and we hug and we form a human bond
it’s the way of the world even way after we are gone.